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Her er fem valg det kan være verdt å merke seg i år. Han har invitert 26 internasjonale observatørar til Stortingsvalget. Mukhtarli reports that he was forced into a car near his home, tied up and beaten. His abductors put a bag over his head and 10, euros were stuffed into his pockets while crossing the Azerbaijani border.

We question the role of Georgia in letting this abduction take place. One observer was beaten and two others had their mobile phones taken away from them by force. It is vital that the incident is properly investigated. On Election Day, the Mission deployed 36 international observers who visited more than polling stations across the country. This preliminary statement summarizes our findings. The initiative is implemented on the ground by local partner and associate organisations in the regions.

NHC is working with the partners to develop and deliver a broad-ranging educational programme for close to students, journalists and civic activists. The policy paper discusses the failure to investigate the crimes of the Russian-Georgian war of August , and highlights the importance of a continued involvement in the Georgia war crimes situation by the International Criminal Court.

Even though we are aware of irregularities, compared to previous years, people are not put under pressure, they are more open and they went to vote in a calm manner, Borchgrevink says.

Grave crimes were committed during the war between Georgia and Russia in August The NHC documented war crimes and crimes against humanity during and after the cessation of hostilities. In the years since, the NHC has investigated in Georgia and Russia, trying to assess whether domestic investigations are on-going and effective.

The aim of the program is to contribute to building knowledge and trust between people in a region marked by conflict and human rights violations.

There will also be a tour of the exhibition. The sentences, from 12 to 25 years, were handed down in a closed, two-hour trial, and set out in a summary of the verdict that lacks any information about the specific acts the men are accused of committing or the evidence against them.

Mukhtarli reports that he was forced into a car near his home, tied up and beaten. His abductors put a bag over his head and 10, euros were stuffed into his pockets while crossing the Azerbaijani border. We question the role of Georgia in letting this abduction take place. On 22 May, three years had passed since the European Court of Human Rights ECtHR delivered its judgment on the case of political prisoner Ilgar Mammadov, concluding that the Azerbaijani authorities had detained him to punish him for his criticism of the government.

OFF is a thriving global community of people who share the common vision of making the world a more peaceful, prosperous, and free place.

The ninth annual forum will unite dissidents, activists, artists, journalists, and changemakers in Oslo on May , Free political prisoners Bokayev and Ayan:. The two remain in prison after an Atyrau court last year sentenced them to five years imprisonment in retaliation for their peaceful activism. The statement is supported by 28 other organisations from various countries. Küni's prosecution is part of a wave of arrests, dismissals and other legal actions taken against human rights defenders, medical professionals, lawyers, journalists, and academics since July in Southeast Turkey, and throughout Turkey after the failed military coup in July The statement underlines the principal importance of the case.

Küni is a medical doctor, and is therefore under a professional duty to provide medical assistance to any person in need of such assistance. He is also a human rights defender. As World Press Freedom Day is celebrated across the globe on May 3, we, the undersigned organizations, cannot forget the untenable price journalists pay for government criticism in Azerbaijan.

The case of Mehman Huseynov is emblematic. Den norske Helsingforskomité, Foreningen FRI og Amnesty International Norge ber i dagens VG russiske myndigheter om umiddelbart å iverksette tiltak for å stoppe overgrepene og trusler mot journalistene som har fortalt mennenes historier.

I morges demonstrerte vi utenfor den russiske ambassaden og ba om full etterforskning av forholdene. Avisen Novaja Gazeta har publisert grufulle avsløringer om at over hundre homofile i den russiske delrepublikken Tsjetsjenia skal ha blitt innbrakt, plassert i irregulære fengsler og utsatt for grov tortur, og minst tre personer skal være drept. I etterkant har det kommet alvorlige trusler mot avisen og dens støttespillere. He is part of an international trial monitoring group, monitoring the trial against Dr.

Serdar Küni, a medical doctor who provided medical treatment during clashes in Cizre in and Erdogan etablerer, som i Putins Russland, illiberalt demokrati som gir valgvinneren rett til å overkjøre de som ikke deler hans syn. Assisterende generalsekretær Gunnar M. Ekeløve-Slydal deltar i en internasjonal delegasjon som observerer rettssaken mot legen og menneskerettighetsforkjemperen Serdar Küni, som finner sted Samtidig er EUs engasjement på Vest-Balkan blitt mindre de siste ti årene mens Russland stadig får større innflytelse og innlemmer regionen i sin interessesfære.

Grunnen til at debatten har oppstått er at Regjeringen har gitt UDI i oppdrag å granske flere saker. Det er fremmet forslag om at tilbakekall bare kan skje ved dom, at det må innføres foreldelsesfrist og at barn ikke skal miste statsborgerskapet på grunn av foreldres lovbrudd. March, peaceful protest actions took place across Russia, Belarus and in Kyrgyzstan, which were met with heavy police forces, mass arrests and violence from the authorities.

Although they did not seem to have been coordinated in any way, the protests have in common that they were supported by citizens fed up with corruption and oppression.

Governments of the three countries seem to know only one way of reacting: Interdiction, violence and detentions. Still, citizens for the first time in a very long time, defied fears and participated.

The participation across Russia, not limited to big cities, had not been seen for years. More than people have been detained since 3 March, and several detentions have been carried out with excessive use of force. On the eve of planned demonstrations in Minsk and several other places in Belarus on 25 March, we urge President Lukashenka to abide human rights principles. Photo by Andrey Liankevich. The paper draws the attention to the increasing trend by States Parties of the Covenant in giving priority to private sector development and investments as part of international development cooperation.

This trend must be accompanied by increased efforts by states of ensuring that human rights principles are respected fully by private sector actors taking part in international development cooperation. He signed a decree, pardoning prisoners, among them 4 activists that human rights groups have labeled as political prisoners. This is happy news for all of those pardoned and their families, but there is very little else to celebrate. The decree left many political prisoners firmly behind bars, in prisons populated by prominent dissenters and activists.

Organisasjonene støtter lovfesting av kravet til forholdsmessighet i vurderingen av tilbakekall. Kravet bør konkretiseres ved at det innføres en foreldelsesfrist. For å sikre en rettssikker prosess, er det domstolene som bør vurdere forholdsmessigheten.

The letter urges the College to pursue the enforcement action against the government of Poland under the Article 7 of the EU treaty, as the government of Poland continues to undermine the rule of law. Regjeringen bør avvente saksbehandling av tilbakekallelser til regelverket er endret. Dette sa Helsingforskomiteens assisterende generalsekretær Gunnar Ekeløve-Slydal i sitt innlegg på åpen høring i Stortingets kommunal- og forvaltningskomité 9.

Norske politikere bør ikke la seg presse av Putins regime. Legislation which has recently been proposed by the Hungarian Government will, possibly unconstitutionally, target and paralyze non-government organisations that receive grants from foreign funds. Helsingforskomiteens Csilla Czimbalmos har publisert vurdering i Agenda Magasin. One observer was beaten and two others had their mobile phones taken away from them by force.

It is vital that the incident is properly investigated. He was arrested simply for spraying graffiti, but was later tortured into confessing to serious drug crimes. Bogus drug possession charges to silence critical voices is not new in Azerbaijan, where the authorities widely plant drugs on their opponents to lock them up.

The undersigned organisations call upon the Azerbaijani authorities to reverse this alarming trend and respect basic human rights and freedoms, as well as for international partners to ensure Azerbaijan honours its treaty commitments as a state party to the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The third laureate is the prominent Russian journalist Elena Milashina.

Jury member Martin Paulsen highlighted three virtues in his speech at the ceremony: The judgement is a mockery of the previous decision by the European Court of Human Rights, demanding an immedeate release of Ilgar Mammadov. Helsingforskomitéen og Amnesty beklager dette og mener dette bryter med en hovedlinje i norsk menneskerettighetspolitikk.

Under finner du hele høringsinnspillet fra Den norske Helsingforskomité og Amnesty som blir presentert for Stortingets utenriks- og forsvarskomité på morgendagens høring for «Meld. Individklageordningene til FNs konvensjoner om økonomiske, sosiale og kulturelle rettigheter, barnets rettigheter og rettighetene til mennesker med nedsatt funksjonsevne ». Behind the Scenes, uimotsagt få komme med uriktige påstander om Helsingforskomitéen. Han fremsetter svært kontroversielle, og etter Helsingforskomitéens mening, feilaktige påstander om den kjente russiske varsleren Sergei Magnitskij, som døde i et russisk fengsel som følge av manglende legehjelp og tortur i november It is a day to acknowledge the suffering and injustice caused to intersex people in the past, and call for adequate redress, reparation, and access to justice.

The letter was also sent to other Permanent Missions to the UN. The podcast series "Human Rights in Focus" will shed light on some of the most pressing human rights challenges we are facing in Europe today.

In this first episode we are discussing the situation for human rights in Azerbaijan with prominent human rights activist Leyla Yunus. On Election Day, the Mission deployed 36 international observers who visited more than polling stations across the country.

This preliminary statement summarizes our findings. Symbolically, the participants planted trees of peace. NHC urges the abolishment of all forms of death penalty. The two peaceful activists risk five to ten years imprisonment if found guilty on charges that appear trumped-up in retaliation for their role in organizing peaceful protests earlier this year, the NHC said.

The alarming consequences of the constitutional amendments after yesterday´s referendum will increase the power of the President, dramatically weaken democratic institutions and will further isolate and repress dissent in Azerbaijan. NHC has made a statement highly critical of the amendments and calls for sanctions against the regime. But they have been unsuccesful. Several of the former political activists, like Khadija Ismayilova, Anar Mammadli and Intigam Aliyev are now released from prison, and continue to work for a democratic Aserbaijan.

This gives me hope that we can change the situation in the country, said human rights defender Rasul Jafarov at the seminar "To Draw is to See" at the house of Literature monday September- 16th of October. He is a US whistleblower now living in Moscow because of fear of unfair prosecution in the US for revealing in June illegal surveillance programs by the US government and its allies.

The organizers have been met with homophobic and transphobic threats from right wing extremists as well as protests from the City authorities, and the Jewish Community Center "Max Grant" that should have been the festival venue cancelled their contract due to fear of repercussions. Den norske Helsingforskomité vil følge valget tett.

Zhalaudi Geriev, a journalist of the Russian independent news portal Caucasian Knot on September 5, and demand his unconditional release.

We are deeply concerned about a string of attacks against the freedom of expression in the region, which for years has been marred by violence and threaths agains journalists.

It is based on conclusions from a fact finding mission to Yerevan in July and was launched at a press conference in Yerevan today. The report is now also available in Armenian. You can download the report in English and Armenian below. Behind the scenes av den russiske regissøren Andrei Nekrasov. Filmen ble vist for første gang i Norge Filmens hovedbudskap ble imidlertid kjent allerede Denne visningen og flere TV-visninger er blitt avlyst, men Nekrasov har presentert filmens budskap i medieintervjuer og på sosiale medier.

I denne utstillingen stiller studenter fra Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo KHiO ut arbeider knyttet til temaet politiske fanger i Aserbajdsjan. NHC, as a Sport for Rights coalition member, condemns this renewed crackdown, and and joins the call on the Azerbaijani authorities to take immediate steps to improve the human rights situation in the country, starting with the release of political prisoners.

Soldiers and civilians continue to die and the Minsk agreement is broken constantly. With over 10 deaths, and close to 2 million of IDPs, and many alleged crimes unaccounted for, the issue of accountability is high on the Ukrainian and international agenda - including on the panel debate organised by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee on 9 June where also the new report "Where did the shells come from: Investigation of cross-border attacks in Eastern Ukraine" was presented for the first time.

How people continue fighting for human rights of LGBTIQ persons when it seems like every step forward is followed by two steps back?

Or were you among the many people worldwide that spoke up against Russia's so-called anti-homosexual propaganda laws before the Olympic Games in Sochi , and want to know how you can be an ally for LGBTIQ once again?

Yet the government, which controls the courts, the parliament and the media, remains deaf to the calls. Deadline for applications is 24 June Han er ikke den første som tillegger oss synspunkter vi ikke har.


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